Amazing Holiday Gifts!

Happy holiday season! Moon Dog gifts are 10% off this weekend.

Shop for wonderful products such as:
*D. Lasser pottery
*Himalayan candles
*Animal hats -- for big & small people. So freakin' cute! ($20 here, $35 at VT Country Store).
*Plant based perfumes
*Sensuous soaps from around the world
*Tibetan prayer scarves (we can't keep these in stock!)
*The cutest aprons
*Gorgeous silk scarfs from India
*Recycled burlap backpacks
*Hand-crafted jewelry
*Bennington candles
*We still carry Indian saris for people going south to the warmth!

*Great stocking stuffers: $2 finger hand-woven finger puppets, Buddha keychain lights....and so much more!


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