Interview with Jacki

Jacki was kind enough to sit down and tell us a little more about herself. You may see her working her magic in the MD kitchen or whipping up a frothy drink, but here's a deeper glimpse into the heart behind the Moon Dog.

Was it a dream of yours to start an organic cafe in VT after working 20+ years as a floral designer on L.I.?
No...not really. An opportunity came my way and I took it. I always loved to cook and I have been collecting dishes my whole life. When the cafe opened, I didn't even need to buy any!

How did the name "Moon Dog" come about? Is it based on that hippy dude from the 60s?
Kind of easy and not so romantic... a friend of mine and I had a small business in N.Y...our business card had a beautiful graphic of a moon, smiling and winking...and I loved that artwork. We were on the phone and after 2 bottles of wine between us trying to come up with names that went with "moon" so I could still use that beautiful artwork that I loved so much, we had it: Moondog! That beautiful moon is still on my business card along with a drawing of my dog Max.

Word on the street is that you're writing a cookbook? True or false?
Yes...I am ...and very excited about it! Alot of customers have been asking and all the Moondog faves will be in it.

What's your favorite thing about living in VT?
That's easy...the people. They are like no others. The friends I have made here are the greatest and unlike N.Y. (where I am from), the lifestyle here allows you time to spend with them. In N.Y., it always took 2 weeks and 5 phone calls with everyone juggling their busy schedules to make the time to get together. It's the simple life here. It's much easier.

After 6 years in the restaurant biz, any advice for those looking to open their own cafe/market in VT?

Have lots of money or very generous friends :)

Tell us a little more about the newest Moon Dog, Buddy.
Buddy! Well, he is my favorite topic...and I could sum him up by giving away part of my cookbook dedication:

And Buddy...who always sits in the passenger seat while I drive, on his tiptoes,with his paws on the very edge of the seat, and his head out the window as far as it will go.......Buddy, I want to be just like you.


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