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Summer's Here! And So Is The Ice Cream!

I'm happy to report that Moon Dog is alive and kicking--and serving tons of Wilcox ice cream! Can't do dairy? Try the ridiculously good organic Coconut Bliss frozen dessert. Or the mango or watermelon pops, too!

So come on in for a sweet treat and while you're snacking, check out our gorgeous imported Indian skirts. They're a huge hit!

Thanks for supporting the Moon Dog---it's because of you that our door is still open after a very difficult season.

Don't forget that Friday nights are Crepe Nights! 6:30-10pm. Krissy makes delicious savory and sweet crepes--including gluten-free crepes (try finding that anywhere in Vermont!) No reservations necessary. BYOB.

See you soon!

The MD Crew

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