Time For A Little Resurrection!

Yes, we still happily exist at the Moon Dog. That's the way life is in VT: suddenly, it's a year later and we haven't updated the blog. Well, what's a year, right?

Anyway, here's some Moonie news:

We were visited by these cool folks at Yert.com, who are trying to raise awareness about global warming by taking a year-long road trip across America. Check them out!

Jacki introduced a whole new line of beautiful, natural baby products from California Baby. Your babe will absolutely love them!

We have locally grown cukes, corn and other wonderful produce now that the season is in full-swing. Ahh...nothing like VT produce. Yum!

We're in expansion-mode! Moon Dog will be expanding further into the building and will be offering more in the way of health & beauty, funky local art, stones & crystals and plants! Look for our bigger store by Fall '08!

We're open from 10-7 Mon-Sat and 10-5 on Sundays, so stop on by!


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