Sophie and the mouse

Its saturday morning.A sleepy Sophie wakes up and decides to go down to the kitchen to make some coffee( a rare treat for her), she usually waits til she gets to the cafe and has a soy cappuccino.But today she's tired( she worked a 14 hour shift at the cafe yesterday).She reaches for the coffee pot and in the sink right next to it there is a small dark grey mouse."Shit" she screams, well i guess ill wait until I get to the cafe after all.Sophie heads over to the phone to call Grog.
The phone rings.
Someone picks up..........
"Grog speaking"
"What ya up to today?"
"Hi Sophie Im heading over to the grain store to pick up some feed, maybe going to work out."
"Are you going to pass through Chester? I have a mouse in my sink."
"Well, you want me to tell you how to get rid of it?"
"Hell no I want you to come over and get rid of it."
(she hears Grog giggle on the other end, as if this was the least bit amusing.)
"Alright I'll be right over."
"Grog, thats ok. Im on my way out to the cafe.Just come before I get home at 5."
Sophie gets home a little after 5.
The mouse was gone, Grog was here, and all is right with the world.

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