Rhode Island Moonie Adventure

Saturday Eve Menu for January 15, 2005
City Girls we are in a far off land set in the mountain tops on top of the world somewhere. Great music and shoes began the road trip to this place. Our arrival on Friday eve was a true test. Ice and stillettoes do not mix. This was our first lesson. Second lesson...New Hampshire is not in Rhode Island. City Girls were invited by Wren to see Dru play at a brewrey in NH. Cool stuff...vodka...reggea...more vodka...shaken up on the dance floor. Grog was our smiling escort that took a back seat to our adventure. Wren was stunning in her red. Sophie was obviously somewhere else in a far off land in another hemisphere...but memories of what once was a long time ago got her thinking...I need to dance with these City Girls. City Girls are definately leaving a bread crumb trail to lead them back to this place somewhere on top of the world.


Blogger Moon Dog Cafe said...

Had a wonderful time with the city girls!!! We need some city girl crazy stilletto energy to shake us all up sometimes....can't be mellow, chillin' on the porch of Moon Dog Cafe all the time!! Dru really appreciated all the dancing, as well as the rest of the band!

Come back soon to see Dru play again with his band "Elijah and the Pulse Prophets"; they're playing at Magic Mountain (just down the road from Chester on route 11, heading towards Londonderry) on Thursday, February 24, 3pm to 6pm.

Hope your ride home was fun....I'm pretty sure I can picture the two of you mooning the truckers on the way!!

Loved the time we hung out!!!! Come back for a "reading" soon!!

Wren :)

12:30 PM  

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