Meet The Moonies

Interspersed with our menus and happenings, there will be interesting stories to tell about our regular cast of characters, the Moonies (no relation to the cult).

Cast of Characters

1. Sophie: top dog.
2. Squirrel: currently in foreign lands studying shamanism and herbalism.
3. Grog: everybody's best friend. Loves the ladies.
4. Misty: she does everything the right way.
5. Wren: our brightest light.
6. Dru: rock star extraordinare.
7. Madame X (a.k.a. Busty Busgirl): our newest member.
8. Gray: our best customer. We love him.
9. Nic: The Voice (we mean that in an endearing way).
10. Tia: The Girl Next Door.


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